The most amazing homemade muesli

Maybe you are one of those, who can’t wait for breakfast each morning? Is good, hearty muesli with milk or yogurt one of the best ways to start your day? In this case, we will suggest you some upgrade for the standard store-bought muesli or granola, which has often too much added sugar and too little fruits.

The most amazing muesli is the one you make by yourself at home! :)

Making a batch of homemade muesli is actually super simple and as the end result, it will even cost you less with having more taste, colour and vitamins in each spoon. The best part is that you can adapt it to your taste. Don’t like almonds? Cool, don’t put them in. Want it a bit sweeter? No problem. Want to have only red fruits inside? Great, just do it.

Today we will suggest a very simple recipe, which takes only a few minutes to make and you will have enough muesli for several days. This recipe does not need to be baked. We recommend to make muesli in smaller batches and to store in air-tight container to preserve freshness.

As the „base ingredients“, use any kind of rolled oats, flakes, puffs or cereals. Make sure they have no added sugar. Simple oat flakes are the best start. You can add wheat or bran flakes or even mix in puffed quinoa or buckwheat. For the gluten free diets, make sure your ingredients does not contain gluten.

Secondly, mix in fruits and nuts. How much? Its up to you how fruity you want muesli to be. But normally around 5-10% of flakes will be more than enough. If you do not suffer from the nuts allergy, add in walnut pieces, almond flakes or brazil nut pieces.
You can even add some softer fruit like prunes, raisins or apricot pieces – this will make your muesli also more sweeter.

As the last step, you can supercharge your muesli. Adding a spoonful of chia seeds, maca powder, cinnamon or cacao powder will make a big difference in taste and benefits for your body. Just dont mix in everything at once, because it will be just too much of different tastes and less is more in this case.
Now, mix it well and put in the air-tight container for days to come. Tomorrow morning, just put plain yogurt in the bowl and mix in this muesli. For more sweet taste we suggest to use honey or maple syrup (yum!).

Each batch of muesli can be a little different and you can play with different fruits and flavours. Above all, you know what went inside and it will be definitely one of the healthiest muesli you could find anywhere. And the fact you made it yourself with love and care will make it taste awesome!

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