Now honestly...what about sugar?

We all want to snack the healthy way. With our sedentary lifestyle, often eating on-the-go, with lots of pressure and business happening every day, the least we can do is to look after our wellbeing just simply by making better choices.
We have also heard (too many times) that too much sugar is bad and that we should try to eat real, not processed food. Maybe 5-a-day, maybe just avoiding favourite takeaway and making a homemade salad instead...and maybe having an apple instead of doughnut.
At Fruit Hunters, we make the snacking a bit easier. You can be absolutely sure, that in our pouches won't be any additives, sugars or anything artificial. Why?
Because our fruits do not need it. It is beautiful and tasty just the way it is.
Hand on the heart, we admit that our fruit does have sugar inside. Of course. Each fruit has got some natural sugar inside – that's why we love the sweet taste of the fruits! But this is only all-natural sugar which was already part of the fruit. Remember, in our process of freeze-drying, we only take away water. This also means the fruit will be really light yet strong in taste and colour. Because all elements are concentrated.

This also means that you can take 40 grams of our strawberries and it equals almost to half a kilo of fresh fruits! With all flavour, vitamins and nutritional goodness preserved.
And this is the real advantage of our snacks!

While with your healthy fruit-eating habits you are limited pretty much only to a short season during the year, when the fresh fruit is available, with our snacks you can enjoy the same fruits over and over again, anytime of the year. And as always, we make sure we only use and process the fruits on the top of the season. Our fruits are not ripening during the transport like it's the case with fresh fruits, which you can normally get at the supermarket.
And because we pick and process the fruits on the top of the season, it also means that it's naturally sweet thanks to the fruit sugars, which are just a part of our fruits.
The nature is amazing and we are so proud to bring you the goodness of it in each bag. Next time, when you are having a sweet tooth, remember to make a good choice and go for the fresh, local fruit in season. And in case that's not available, you can keep our bags in the kitchen cupboard. Just in case.