How we select fruits for our freeze dried snacks?

While it can be easy to just walk into any supermarket or store and pick up your favourite fruit nice and fresh, this process gets a lot more complicated, when we want to pick up the right fruit for our freeze-drying.


Well, first of all, our freeze-drying process means we only take the water out at very low temperature, so everything else (colour, taste, aroma, shape) stays the same. Also most vitamins and minerals are not damaged by this gentle process.
But it also means, that we can not just use any fruit. We really really have to be sure that only the best ones, without any spoilage are selected. And not just speaking about the quality of fruit itself, we actually have to select the most suitable botanical variety for this process.

Just imagine...if you take the water out (normally +80% of fruit is water) – then all other "parts" of fruit will intensify. You take a bite of our product, and you will get burst of flavour and intensive taste with each crunch. And this is critical.
If we want our snacks to taste amazing, we have to select the specific variety type, which has the perfect flavour profile. Drying will only intensify whats already inside – and the result...well, taste for yourself!

Anyway, if we got too much technical, I apologise. But you see? It is a lot more complicated than just „buy it and dry it“. Take our favourite mango, for example.

Did you know there is around 1000 botanical varieties of mango,  which grow in almost all tropical regions of the world? Each of them has slightly different colour, flavour, some are more suitable for immediate consumption, while others for wet processing like jams or juice and some...some are just right for us!
This is our know-how and our pride, of how to choose and select
fruits from all around the world and to make sure you can really enjoy only the best.
So, next time, when you open your pack of mango...just think about all the journey it went from far far Sout America, across the globe to Europe, where we carefully crafted it and prepared for you to enjoy.
This story is valid for any of our fruits. Take strawberries, raspberries, blueberries or specialities like tangerine or dragon fruit? Each fruit has its own story and we are so careful to bring this story to life in each bag.
Never adding any additives or sugars. We will use the best possible technology to preserve the goodness of nature so you can be sure, that with each bite you get the best of what nature created.