We love our planet.

We are so depending on our planet! As the New Year comes...we have a wish to give back and take care of our planet a little bit more. Actually, a lot more!

We can all agree that this year was one of the most surprising....and not only in the positive sense. In the light of global pandemic, many businesses were affected. Thousands of people lost their jobs and the economic drop was huge. 
Yet, let's not be overtaken by the gloom and doom. On the positive side, there was sooo much happening as well and we should sometimes remind ourselves of all the good things which were still happening around us.
Just use Google and search for "positive news 2020" and you will find articles highlighting the best of 2020. From culture, nature, music, art, society, science...there was sooo much happening. Nature was recovering more than ever; development in the use of alternative sources of energy; new discoveries for the possible treatment of diseases;...

Anyway, we all hope that 2021 will be a year going "back to normal". For us, it is a big step forward, because as you can see...our store is opening in January.
During the last months we have worked tirelessly to take care of every single detail with our crunchy fruits. We had to make sure we got enough supply of 1st class raw fruits to process when needed. We had to make sure it's all allergen free, passing our rigorous quality control and then again, we made sure it's only dried under vacuum without exposing to high heat - so all goodness, nutrition, flavour and colour is retained in the bag. 
We believe our products will make your day more enjoyable, and will give you a small reason to stop and appreciate our amazing planet and nature. Our crunchy fruits are a reflection of our mother nature and really, the fruit itself can not be replicated in any factory. We are heavily depending on our Earth to provide us with all this amazing, healthy fruits and we will give back to our community and nature in the way we look after it. We have to. We want to create a better world for our children.