The secret of our banana

Well, can we tell you? Otherwise it's a secret ano more:)
But of course, we get this question asked a lot. So, let's together unveil some of these secrets and we hope you will remember it each time you take a bite of our fantastic crunchy banana slices.
We had been searching everywhere for the best quality banana – and you will be surprised – we found them in the tropical region of southern China. Our long-term partner is growing both conventional and organic bananas on planatges in mountains of Hua'an County in Fuijan Province. Our bananas are harvested and ripened according to our instruction for a few days and then (just when they are perfectly sweet and the taste is balanced) are immedieately processed. Although we already have a long-term cooperation, we trust our partners in China, once banana slices arrive in Europe, we do a full analysis on pesticides, heavy metals and various microbiliological parameters, before we pack them in our beautifully crafted doypacks, so they will reach you in a five star condition.

What could we do better?
The other way to produce banana could be something like this: 
We could have bought the deep frozen banana from any tropical plantage, transport it in deep frozen container over to Europe and then dry it here. But it does not make sense. Its like reinventing of the wheel.
Someone is already drying them, right there, a few kilometers from the actual plantage, so actually there is no other way to guarantee a better quality, than working „from fresh to dry“ at one facility.
Of course, this model can not be applied to each and every fruit – with all continental fruits which are native to Europe, we do the processing and keep everything in house. But with some, like banana, drying at the plantage makes sense, especially if we had a chance to look at their state of the art facility. Now really, we can sleep well at night knowing that the quality of banana is in good hands.