About us

For over 20 years we have been involved in the food business, pretty much supplying major food producers who are producing for almost all retail chains across Europe.
On the beginning is a perfect fruit, growing somewhere in Europe, America, Africa or Asia and on the other end of the world is you - the consumer, who is enjoying the breakfast cereal with these wonderful, tasty and flavoursome  fruits.

In between is a lot of hands, transport, technology, machinery and management involved - that's almost overwhelming to think about, what it takes to create a single bowl of cereal or a bag of your favourite snack! We truly live in the global world.
The truth is, during our many years in the food supply chain we came across  and had a chance to taste the most beautiful, tasteful, juicy and amazing fruits, which left us almost speechless!

Did you know there are over 100 varieties of a strawberry itself or almost 500 different varieties of mango? 
The sad part is that the food industry is not yet ready for these extraordinary fruits. Simply, because there is cost behind this premium quality and secondly, they need such a huge volume of the product, that it would not be possible to source it all with these high requirements. 

Our mission was set clear. Let's put these beautiful fruits into our snacks - without adding absolutely anything (!), preserve their taste and fantastic flavour and make them available for people, who really want to taste something special. 

We also have enough of no-added sugar snacks or highly processed, hyper-palatable foods.
These fruits are amazing just as they are - so we only take the water out. That's it. You can enjoy them on the go, or as a healthy addition to your baking or morning custom made cereals.

To put simply, our core values are represented by each dot in our logo:

We will be clear and transparent about where and how our snacks are being produced and will not use misleading claims or fake marketing bubbles.

We will not cut corners. Never.
We share with you some results of analyses and you can learn more about the rigorous process of our quality control here.

We value you, your time and attention. And that's why we also want to add extra value to our snacks and products. We aim to sell bigger packs with the better value for money.

We see ourselves as the part of the solution to healthier snacking and the vision for better life. We will spread the word, educate and develop the sustainable business model, which will be beneficial for both customers, producers and also for our Earth.


But why ZingyZoo?
Apart from the fact that it sounds good and evokes the sense of fun, it actually expresses our passion for good food, which is coming from nature around us.


Zingy - it stays for our excitement, zeal and energy

Zoo – relates to nature, which is part of our every day life (wether we realise it or not). And we try to keep our products as natural as possible!

Now, when you know a little bit about us, have a look at our products here and feel free to reach out, if you have any questions.
Stay well, healthy and have fun!