Freeze Dried Mango

We love mango. For each pack we used almost 600g of this yellow sunshine! Almost everyone loves the fresh taste of mango, but the problem with fresh fruits is its limited shelf life. It starts to spoil very quickly – especially during the summer. We have solved this. And whats more, we have taken one of the best variety of mango we could find in South America, brought it deep frozen to Europe and processed for our snacks. The result? See for yourself. But from now on, you are not limited to seasonal time of having a fresh mango – you can enjoy the same quality all year round, with all benefits of fresh fruit.

Just to give you an idea about the fruit content, for 100 grams of freeze-dried mango, we had to use about 590g (20,8 oz) of fresh fruit.

We love the crunchy taste of mango and sweet aroma so much, that the best is just to enjoy it on its own. It pairs very well with other tropical fruits, such as banana or dragon fruit. You can create your own tropical trail mix according to your taste and preference.

Our bag contains mango pieces, which have been freeze-dried under vacuum to preserve the nutritional content while retaining all of its flavour, colour and taste. Some broken pieces will happen during the handling and transport. You can rest assured that we never add any sugar, flavours or additives to our fruit.

Average values per 100g 
Energy 357kcal / 1493kJ
Protein 3,5g
Carbohydrates 89,3g
- of which sugar 78,5g*
Fibre 10,7g
Fat 1,8g
- of which saturated 0g
Salt (naturally occurring sodium) 0,02g

*Contains only naturally occurring sugars.

Ingredients: 100% Mango
Net weight: 100g

Origin of fruit: Peru
Produced in EU

You can enjoy our fruits out of the pack, just as a healthy alternative to crisps. Freeze-dried fruit is also especially suitable to make a homemade muesli or granola (a lot cheaper than store-bought) and you can tailor it to your taste.
Take our fruits outside - anywhere where you need some energy from healthy sources while enjoying your goal towards 5-a-day.
Our fruits are perfect to decorate tarts, cakes, raw desserts, brownies, birthday cakes....you name it!
Make fantastic smoothies with the fruit twist, enjoy the intensive flavour of the fruits and beautiful colours.
For more inspiration, follow us on our Instagram.

Store at the room temperature, away from sunlight. Due to the nature of the product, there can be slight differences between the seasons, which is not a qualitative defect of the product.

After opening, reseal as soon as possible or move into air-tight container to preserve the crispyness and the flavour. Enjoy by best before date, printed on the back of the pack.

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